Alpha Monster Advanced The most popular and most efficient exercise

Alpha Monster Advanced  Over the past 4-5 years I’ve lost almost 30% of my body weight, going from a miserable pre-diabetic size 18 to a fit, healthy size 8-10. Losing weight has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly have imagined. I now share as many of these insights


The most popular and most efficient exercise for the biceps is without a doubt the dumbbell curl. For bodybuilders and other strength athletes it is a basic part of the work out. The name ”dumbbell curls” says enough; It’s all about the curling movement. The ”dumbbell curl” is an effective way to train your biceps targeted. This is how it should be done:

– Sit down and take a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms turned inwards.

– Breathe in slowly and turn your arm outwards. Notice: Do this before the forearm is horizontal.

– Lift your elbow and breathe out.

Tip: Be sure that your arms won’t sway when you perform this bicep exercise. Alpha Monster Advanced Because you involve other body parts, when your arms are tired, it’s called a ”cheat rep”.


Do you like variation? Then you should definitely try the concentration curl. This exercise ensures for extra muscle tension. Because your muscle is tensed the whole exercise.

– Sit down and hold a dumbbell, with the hand turned outwards.

– Let your elbows rest against the inside of your thighs.

– Breathe in slowly, twist your arm and breathe out.

Remember, muscles eventually get bored by the same old workout. They learn to be more efficient, and they just flat out quit growing in the absence of new challenges. By working smaller muscles first in your workout, you burn them out and require the larger muscles to work even harder to recruit more muscle fibers.

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Muscular upper arms are the trademark of an athletic body, and a dream of many fitness fanatics. But how do you grow those upper arms? You should first focus on your biceps, the two-headed muscle that ensures the bending force of your arm. With the exercises below your biceps will visibly increase very fast.


Before we go to the gym, we want to concentrate on a few precautions. Bicep exercises are not suitable to do without any preparation. You need to pay attention to the following:

And like every other muscle exercise it’s important to stick with it, stay hydrated and follow a balanced diet. You need some discipline to do that, but the satisfaction afterwards is amazing.

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