Biogenic XR Ingredients Many people have this wonderful

Biogenic XR Ingredients Far too often many people in the fitness industry make the deadly top three muscle-building mistakes without even realizing it. Instead of progressing each and every workout and day, they are instead plunging deeper into the point of plateau and no new gains. This, however can be avoided just by recognizing the top three muscle-building mistakes and learning on how to not repeat them. Without further adieu let’s get started!

Muscle Building Mistake One: Over training

Many people have this wonderful idea of more is better when building up muscle and bodybuilding, however this is not the case. If it was the case then we would all be training twelve hours a day and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many people do not realize that in bodybuilding, one is not building up any skill, like in other sports such as soccer, hockey and basketball. Which in other words means that bodybuilding is not a skill, one will not get anything extra from doing an extra exercise or training for an extra hour at the gym.

Over training in fact is the number one cause of plateauing and not experiencing any new muscular gains. Instead of being in the gym for two to three hours a day, Biogenic XR one should simply go into the gym, train intensely for forty-five minutes and then go home, eat, rest and recover. By cutting back on the volume one will keep progressing each and every day, by growing stronger and bigger.

Muscle Building Mistake Two: Not Training Enough With Intensity

Far too many times I see people in the gym screw around and not put any effort into their gym sessions. A gym session should be a brief and short intense forty-five minutes and not screwing around for three hours. One can increase the intensity of their workouts by either incorporate drop sets, forced reps, negative reps and partial reps.

Muscle Building Mistake Three: Not Eating and Resting Enough

Eating real food is number one and is the way to go. Too many times I see people in the gym not eating anything right after their workout or in fact not eating anything at all during the day. Too many people think that in the gym they are building muscle, however this is wrong. In the gym one breaks down the muscle they are working on, it is when one eats, rests and recovers that they will experience muscular growth, which means that they will get stronger and bigger!


You also need to perform 5 sets. Have a break between each set for around 120 seconds so unless your rain man I would probably take a watch with you. The time in between is important as it allows your body to recuperate and rebuild its energy stores ready for the next set.

How much weight?

Now, as previously mentioned you need to be training to failure on each set of each exercise. So the weight needs to be enough that it is going to be very difficult to perform on the fifth rep of each set. Don’t worry if you have to drop the weight a little as you perform this routine, by the fourth or fifth set it is going to be very difficult.

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