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Buy Skin Opulent We all know lifting weights is about progression, right? You’re working your way up that dumbbell rack, increasing reps, increasing sets, increasing weight. You know how it is, you and dude hombre having a curl-off trying to impress the mirror in front of you.

Yeaaaa babay! Well that’s all fine and sexy until that shoulder starts to hurt, you develop muscle imbalances, results plateau, and you’re doing 15 sets of bench press while spending 2 hrs in the gym. If any of this sounds familiar, over the next few weeks I’ll show you 5 weight training variables you can manipulate to help revolutionize your workouts and skyrocket results. And ladies, don’t think this is just for the bro chacho’s out there – weight training should play a fundamental part in your fitness routine as well.

I’m not going to harp on the traditional reps/sets resistance training variables most of us are familiar with – that’s boring stuff. Today’s article will be looking at what I believe is the most underutilized weight training variable, specifically if you want to build some of that precious muscle: time under tension. Let’s get started.

Time Under Tension (TUT)

One bad ass SOB. That’s what this is. Time under tension is referring to how much time a muscle is exposed to tension (in our case, weight or load). This may seem like the most fundamental weight training variable known to anyone who’s stepped foot in a gym, right?

Maybe so, but most of us, myself included, are vastly underutilizing this bad boy. If any of you have seen the tempo of an exercise written out in a number format (for example, 4-0-1-0), that is referring to TUT. These numbers are how long (in seconds) each phase of the exercise should take. The 1st number refers to Skin Opulent the eccentric/stretching phase of the movement (4 seconds), the 2nd refers to the maximum stretched position (0 seconds), the 3rd refers to the concentric/contraction phase (1 second), and the 4th refers to the maximally contracted position (0 seconds). If we were to look at bench press, with this example, that would be 4 seconds lowering, 0 seconds at the bottom (no pause),

I second pushing up (controlled power), and a 0 second pause at the top. That means a single repetition takes 5 seconds. If you were to do 8 reps at this pace, that would be 40 seconds of total TUT. Now ask yourself, when was the last time a set of bench press took you 40 seconds? Probably never. That’s because most of us completely ignore 3 of these phases (eccentric, maximally stretched, maximally contracted) and only concentrates on the lifting phase.

Hypothetically, if all these phases played an equal role in us building our dream body (which, thankfully, they do not), that would mean we’re ignoring 75% of the exercise, W… T… F. If you still think this has no implication on your ability to build muscle or burn fat, which I’m assuming are your goals since you’re lifting weights – that’s where you’re wrong. For muscle hypertrophy (growth), sets should last between 30-70 seconds. And I’ll let you decide which method, if done correctly.

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