Dapovar Plan Park that ego at the door

Dapovar Plan Park that ego at the door as you enter the gym, too, whether it’s your own home gym or a commercial gym. For men in their 30’s & 40’s, gone are the days where big bulky arms are the goal, and for women at this age it’s time to leave behind the hours on the treadmill – but you can salve your ego a bit and go back to the ponytail and booty shorts once you start getting back in shape.

No, in both cases now the goal is health – both current and long-term health & wellness. Your workouts need to be based on building strength – muscle strength AND bone strength (density), and on keeping your heart and lungs healthy. For the latter, you’ll need exercises that build your cardiovascular and aerobic systems, but if you’ve gotten noticeably out of shape you need to start simply and begin taking a walk for an hour a day on the days you don’t lift weights. If you work on your feet each day and run the kids to soccer practice every week, don’t let your ego tell you that’s enough – set aside that hour, or two half-hour periods each day and get out an walk. Your current lifestyle got you where you are now, so your efforts have to be ON TOP OF whatever your current routine is. Once you’ve been walking an hour a day for a month or more, as long as your doctor has OK’ed it you can start picking up the pace and trying to go farther with each walk within the same time frame. Finally, aim to run for 30 seconds, walk for 90 seconds and repeat that pattern throughout your walk. Your final goal is to be able to sprint all-out for 30 seconds, jog for 90 seconds and repeat that pattern non-stop for 20 minutes. That type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will do you the most good and burn the most fat – moreso than an hour of steady-state cardio on the treadmill.

Your ego will try to interfere in your exercise plans too… If you’re noticeably out of shape or overweight, start with bodyweight exercises – no weightlifting required. If that seems too easy, remember those images of the Shaolin monks, Greek warriors, Roman gladiators and Celtic warrior queens of earlier times? Gyms and weightlifting machines didn’t exist back then, but that didn’t leave them looking like you, did it? Bodyweight exercises can and do work, so start there and THEN graduate to lifting weights.

Your goal is a strong mind in a strong body. Develop the self-discipline to work out 3 times a week on non-consecutive days without fail. Ignore the ‘workouts’ you see in the magazines – remember that the goal of those mags is to sell you their magazine so they can sell more ads, not to get you in great shape. And while they may work great for girls young enough to think a pimple is a major health issue or a young guy filling his veins with steroids.

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