Raging Bull If you want health

Cost Of Raging Bull Understand that the easiest way to build the small muscle groups (biceps, triceps, calves) is by exercising the big muscle groups! As an example, it’s impossible to build a massive broad, powerful back, thick pectorals, wide muscular shoulders from doing heavy power cleans, over-head pressing, rowing and bench press work that I advocate, without building massive bicep and triceps size and strength. You couldn’t do it if you wanted to! Forget about doing the silly pumping, primping, compound-set isolation exercises that others do and just train hard on the basic exercises! The big arms will come naturally.

Heavy high rep squatting will build thick, muscular calves. Sound impossible? Well, just try working your squats like I recommend, and you’ll see your calves begin to grow uncontrollably no matter how they’ve refused to grow in the past.

Everybody wants muscular and trim abdominal muscles. You don’t need a lot of abdominal work. Two or three sets of abdominal crunches (done in high reps, with resistance) is all you’ll need to attain rock-hard abs. The hard heavy work on squatting, power cleans, presses, and rows will inevitably keep your mid-section strong and muscular. Another consideration for you to think about is this. A muscular, powerful waist is better and healthier for you than a “thin, pretty, but weak-waist.”

Training with the big basic exercises will build a healthy body and lasting muscle size. These two factors are very important. In the days before steroids and crazy training routines, the bodybuilders kept their muscle size, strength and health as they aged into their 60’s and 70’s. How did they do this? Raging Bull They built REAL MUSCLE by doing hard work with heavy weights on the basic exercises. Today all the retired competitive bodybuilders and power lifters shrink up and you would never even know that they once lifted weights!

If you want health, strength AND big muscles that will stay with you for the rest of your life, you will only get them if you train HARD and HEAVY, eat HEALTHY and Hearty and stay away from drugs and other unhealthy habits!

Here’s a sample program that you can follow. It will give you a very muscular physique if you work to your maximum limit on it.

Start with the back-squat. Warm up with one set of light weight for twenty reps in the given exercise. Then do two progressively heavier warm up sets, then load on weight until the bar bends, and do three sets of six to 10 reps each with this limit poundage. Push! Fight! Drive! The SQUAT is the NUMBER ONE exercise for building a HERCULES body!

End your workout with an abdominal exercise. Do any one that you happen to like. I prefer ab crunches on a flat bench, with a weight in my hands, but it’s really just a personal preference, you can work your midsection with any “ab” exercise that you happen to like. Just do one to three sets, and run the reps.


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