Testomenix Genetics might mean you develop

Testomenix Genetics might mean you develop larger quads, or have a thicker waist or broader shoulders than the person next to you, but this should never mean that you value your self-worth based on whether you look like a sports model.

And it’s by no means a reason to stop, or even reduce the amount of strength training you do, because the benefits noted above far outweigh any aesthetic considerations (in my view). A fit, strong, healthy body is always going to be more attractive and add far more to your self esteem than feeling frail, under-nourished or obese.

We all have to start from somewhere and I am sure all of us started from humble beginnings when we first stepped into the gym. As our strength increased, our poundage’s or weight lifted increased as well, and I am pretty sure as we grew stronger we grew bigger too.

So, why is it that some people go backwards instead of forwards, why do they use the same light weights they started using when they first stepped in the gym over and over again, with almost no progression. It doesn’t make any sense, instead of progressing they are going backwards and I am sure that you the reader either seen or know these types of people.

It’s proven that as our strength increases our lean body mass, which is also known as muscle mass Testomenix increases too. Now, some people might say that using light weights increases the pump or the blood flow into the muscle better than heavy weight.

However, that is completely untrue and wrong. By using heavy weights not only does one progress in the gym they also tear and rip the muscle fibers better than lightweights. Which therefore increases the blood flow to the muscle ten fold as opposed to using lighter weights.

Now, don’t get me wrong sometimes using light weights are better than using heavy weights. Light weights can be used to warm up your muscles before a hardcore intense workout and not only that but light weights can also be used for injury prevention by warming up your muscles or stretching out your muscles. Also, using light weights are preferred when doing things such as drop sets, super sets and so on.

Overall, heavier weights are better than light poundage’s because they will make you grow like crazy as opposed to lighter weights. However, in all due respect it all depends on you, if you prefer light weights over heavy weights then keep doing what you are doing because there is no way I can change your mind. However,

I would advise you to please give heavy weights a try. Give them a try, not because you want to show everyone in the gym how much weight you can lift, but because they have been scientifically proven to increase strength and lean dry muscle mass way better than light weights. Of course when used in the correct manner, which means going to complete muscular failure and doing the form correctly.

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